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Sightseeing Tours in İstanbul and Entertaintment
Monday, 08 February 2010 19:43




Onur -1 Half Day Morning Tour

Blue Mosque,Famous with is blue tiles and unique with its 6 minarets and high & wide dome ,built in 17th century.Underground Cistern,was used as a huge cistern during Byzantine period.Hippodrome,the centre of sportive(chariot races & athletics) events and political activities of Byzantine Empire.Serpentine Column,Obelisk,of Theodosius,and German Fountain are the monuments decorating Hippodrome.Grand (Covered) Bazaar,world largest souk with its more than 4000 shops selling jewellery,gold,antique,leatherwear and souvenir.St.Sophia the former church of the divine wisdom is one of the truly great buildings of the world.One of the great marvels architecture constructed as a basilica in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian.


Onur - 2 Half Day Morning Tour

Topkapı Palace the İmperial Residence of Ottoman Sultans after the conquest of İstanbul.Sacred Relics of Prophet Mohammed,crystal,silver,Chinese Porcelain,weapons,calligraphy and cloths of Ottoman Sultans are being exhibited.Suleymaniye Mosque,the mosque the second largest but by far the finest and most magnificent of the imperial mosque complex in the city.Masterpiece of Sinan world famous Ottoman Architech built between 1550 and 1557 in the name of Suleyman The Magnificent-who ruled the world during 16th century.

Onur - 3 Full Day Old City Tour

The combination of tour 1 & 2, including lunch.

Onur – 4 Bosphorus Cruse

The Spice (Egyptian)Bazaar with its exotic smells of the aromas of various spices.New Mosque built in 17th century.Cruise through the water way separating the two continents of Asia and Europe.It’s a strait that divides Asia from Europe and connects Black Sea to Marmara.During the Cruise you can see European style Palaces of the Ottomans as Dolmabahçe.Modern Villas at the two sides of the Bosphorus.

Onur – 5 Asia Tour

Crosing Bosphorus Bridge offering a unique chance to step form one continent ( Europe) to another one (Asia) in two minutes.Also visiting to Beylerbeyi Palace summer house of Ottoman Sultans an Çamlıca Hill to the highest point of İstanbul which allows the best view of the Bosphorus.

Onur – 6 Bosphorus and Asia

The combination of tour 4 & 5, including lunch

Onur -7 Golden Horn Tour

Pierre Loti a famous old café from the Ottoman period.

Onur – 8 Last Ottoman Palaces Tour

Dolmabahçe Palace,the last residence for Ottoman Sultans with 365 rooms and 22 saloons.Famous for the great collection of European antiques,furniture,a 4 ,5 ton chandelier and 14 tons of gold on the ceilings.Built at middle pf 19th century.Built by Sultan Abdülmecit.

Yıldız Palace built by Sultan Abdülhamit II.

The combination of tour 7 & 8, including lunch

Onur – 10 Rumeli Fortress & Beylerbeyi Palace

Rumeli Fortress historical armament,built by Conquered to control and protect Bosphor

Baylerbeyi Palace Summer Palace of the Sultans it’s one at the Asiatic shore,built by Sultan Abdülaziz at 19th century.


The combination of tour 7 & 10,including lunch

Onur-12 İstanbul By Night (1001 Night) Daily Evening Tour

Visiting the famous at a first restaurant in İstanbul with Turkish folklore,belly dancers,including


Onur- 13 Bosphorus By Night (Luxury Cruise) Daily Evening Tour

An enchanted night cruise starts while you sip your welcome drinks as the sun sets on İstanbul.Cruise on the Bosphorus with a dinner consisting of Turkish Cuisine specialities.Most of famous places on two sides of Bosphorus,Turkish cuisine and Barbeque with unlimited local drinks.

Onur – 14 Miniatürk Half Day City Tour

Start at morning,visiting the biggest miniature city of Middle East which is exhibiting more than 80 architectural wonders of Turkey in 60.000 sqm with full brief details in English,French,Russian,Arabic and German languages.

Onur – 15 The Maiden’s Tower Half Day City Tour

The Maiden’s Tower is located on a small islet at a very short distance from the shores district Üsküdar in Asian side of the city.According to a Turkish legend a princess was locked up in the tower by her father because of a prophecy.The prophecy alerted him saying that his daughter would die by the bite of a snake.The king wanted to protect the princess and put her in maiden’s tower.Unfortunately at the and of story the princess dies by the snake that was brought to the islet in a basket of grapes.

Onur – 16 Princes İslands Full Day Tour

Cruise in Marmara sea to Princes İsland,stop at Büyük Ada famous with it’s beautifully decorated old wooden İsland houses,tour around the island and lunch will be in a sea side at the famous restaurants then he evening return to İstanbul.

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